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  • Seven Essentials for Your Home Gym

    Posted on by Scott Juchnevicius

    Let's face it, part of the hassle of staying in shape is the struggle to go to the gym regularly. Bad weather and busy schedules make it hard to fight the traffic each day to get there. And on top of that, gym membership fees are very expensive over time. That's why so many people are beginning to build their own home gyms instead. To get started, there are seven pieces of exercise equipment that everyone needs.


    A barbell is good for strengthening and toning the upper body. You can use it alone, or pair it up with a set of weight plates for more resistance. The weight plates should be of all different sizes, so they can be mixed up for more variety in your workout. If you are just starting out lifting weights, go for a smaller set at first. You can always buy larger weight plates later on.

    Jump Rope

    Jumping rope is a great form of cardio. It burns calories and strengthens and tones the body. Besides that, it is really fun to do! A jump rope takes up barely any space, so you can tuck it away in a drawer to have it handy for whenever you need it.

    Pull-up Bar

    One of the best workouts for the upper body is pull-ups. They work the triceps, biceps, core, and shoulders by using a person's own weight as resistance. A pull-up bar makes this exercise a lot easier because it can be mounted on any strong wall or doorway.

    Ultra Thick Yoga Mats

    Yoga mats from Adrenaline Central are thicker than the common flimsy ones that so many companies sell, which means they make doing yoga or other floor exercises much more comfortable. They are also stronger, so you don't have to worry about them falling apart during a vigorous workout. You can use them alone, or set them side-by-side for a larger workout space.

    Medicine Ball

    Both hard and soft medicine balls are fantastic for exercises that strengthen the core. You can do bend-and-lift exercises. Or hold them in front of you for resistance while you do squats. Some people use them as a support system for sit-ups too.

    Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Set

    Dumbbell exercises that are done right will work all of the major muscle groups of the body. Since working out makes people sweat a lot, one of the main problems with using dumbbells is that you can lose your grip on them fast. Rubber-coated hex dumbbell set makes keeping your grip easier, so there is less of a risk of getting injured.


    Boxes are great for step-style exercises that work the thighs, calves, and rear. Get several of them in different heights and widths that have a solid, slip-resistant structure. This will help you have more variety in your routine, and it will make your workout safer.

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  • Practical and Durable Equipment for Your At-Home Gym

    Posted on by Scott Juchnevicius

    Staying in shape is so much easier when you have a gym set up right in the comfort of your own home. But that doesn't mean that you have to invest thousands of dollars in machines and equipment. Many health enthusiasts take a more practical approach to exercising by choosing to buy fitness equipment online. Making sure each product is durable and strong, so it will last for years to come. The following are a few of the best pieces of equipment to order when you are first starting to set up your home gym:

    Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell Set

    There are basically two problems with the old type of dumbbells. First of all, the weights were round, so they rolled all over the place. And second of all, it was easy to drop them because they weren't slip-resistant. A rubber-coated hex dumbbell set has a better design. The weights have a hex shape, so they will stay put wherever you set them. And the dumbbells are coated in rubber, so you can get a better grip when you use them.

    Ultra Thick Yoga Mats

    Yoga mats that are thicker and softer can be more comfortable while you twist your body into all kinds of yoga poses. And they’re sold in many different colors, so you can buy as many of them as you want in a shade to match your home gym. They roll up easily too, so finding a place to store them is a cinch. Even if you don't do yoga, these mats are handy to keep around for stretching and floor exercises.

    Yoga Blocks

    Yoga blocks can be used for performing challenging yoga poses that could cause you to lose your balance. But they also work great for stretches and for stationary cardiovascular exercises. They come in a standard 9-inch size, but if you need a larger surface area to work with, you can always buy extras, and set them side-by-side.

    Thigh Weights and Wrist Weights

    One of the common problems that people have with working out regularly is that the exercises they do stop being as effective over time. However, they can be made more challenging with a thigh and wrist weights. They are secured with velcro straps so that they won't move or slip off while working out. Some of the weights can be removed to lighten the load and you can add more than one strap to your wrists and thighs for increasing the amount of resistance.

    Adrenaline Central has many other types of exercise and sports equipment for sale. So, after you purchase these basic necessities, you can always expand your home gym with a variety of at-home gym equipment.

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