About Adrenaline Central

Hi, my name is Sam.

As a gymnast growing up I’ve always enjoyed the buzz of adrenaline when trying anything new. This has pushed me to try lots of different sports, from skydiving to wakeboarding. I’ve set this site up as a space for me to share my experiences and help to guide any adrenaline lovers out there about how you can get involved.

I’ll be focussing on on how to get involved in these sports, what should you consider and how easy is it to get that rush of adrenaline. As the site grows this is likely to diversify into developing skills from beginner to intermediate and beyond.

Side note; I write this in May 2022 whilst my wife is 7 months pregnant and hope that in future I will also be sharing what it’s like to enjoy these sports with kids!

I hope you enjoy the site!